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Island Post Tops / Finials
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Island Post Tops / Finials

Available in Pine, Cedar, Redwood and Treated
NEW! Brazilian IPE and Trex Post Tops / Finials now available
Finials can be used to accent many different wood components. From fences to flag poles and porches, finals are great for indoor and outdoor use. All Island post finials are installed with dowel screws before shipping.
Post Caps  
Mushroom Ball Post Top

Jumbo 9-1/2" H Ball

Jumbo 12" H Ball

Jumbo 14" H Ball

Jumbo Pineapple Ball

Jumbo French Gothic Finial
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"X" indicates stock item

Description Item # # Box Pine Treated Cedar Redwood
Jumbo 6" H Ball JT30 10 x x    
Jumbo 7" H Ball JT33 10 x x x  
Jumbo 7-3/4"H Urn JT36* 10 x x x x
Jumbo Pineapple JT39 10     x  
Jumbo French Gothic JT40 10   x    
Jumbo Queen Anne JT41 10   x    
Jumbo 9-1/2" H Ball JT42 10 x   x x
Jumbo 12" H Ball JT45 10 x   x x
Jumbo 14" H Ball JT48 10 x   x x
Mushroom Ball PT30 24

Crown Ball PT31 24   x x
True Acorn Ball PT32 24   x x x
Small Ball PT33* 24 x x x  
Coachman Top PT36 24   x x x
Traditional Acorn PT37 24 x x    
Egg Top PT38 24 x x x  
Spanish Ball PT39 24   x  
Large Ball PT40 24 x x x  
Queen Anne Ball PT41 24   x x  
French Gothic Top PT42 24 x x    
Pineapple Ball PT43 24   x x  
Pineapple w/rings PT43R 24   x x  
Deluxe Octagon PT44 24 x x    
Round Ball 3'' R3 24     x  
Sphere Ball 4'' SP4 10       x
Sphere Ball 5'' SP5 10       x
Sphere Ball 6'' SP6 6       x
Sphere Ball 8'' SP8 6       x
*JT36 & PT33 available primed

Post Caps
Cap Size Actual Max
Post Size
Item # Qty
Per Ctn
Redwood Cedar
3 1/2" Sq. 3 1/2" Sq PC312 24   x x
4 1/2" Sq. 4 1/4" Sq PC35 24 x x    
5 1/2" Sq. 5 1/2" Sq PC512 24 x x    

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